2008 - Now : Id Software

Quake Champions:  Creating assets for gore system. Working with Maya and Saber's Tech to implement assets into the engine.

Rage 2: Create hires model for General Cross  based on a loose concept provided by Avalanche. Provide all the info needed so Avalanche can create in-game models. Created concept for The BFG-9000 gun. Created hires model of the BFG-9000 using 3dcoat software. Created variety weapons skins as well and new weapons. Working on DLC expension.

Doom 2016:  Responsible for Mars rock look. Creating props, modular assets, textures, detailing out level map and stamp decals. Working with Modo, Idtech 5 on level maps included hell gores, blood . Responsible on the look of multiple levels from block out to finish. Responsible on the bloody gores (only gores) on other level as well.

Rage 1: Creating the look of the Well room in Well Spring level. Using existing assets as well as assets I created to detail out the room base on the designer's block out. Responsible for the stamping on this room using Idtech 4

Doom: Hell On Earth (canceled) : Created props, modular assets, textures and stamping on many level maps. Responsible for the looks of "hell invasion" on earth. Responsible for the "abandoned" looks of the city. Exploring the Hell Grow. All using modo and Idtech 4

2004 -2008: EA game Los Angeles

Tiberium (canceled) : Exploring the looks of the city before and after the "invasion".

MOH:  Created props, modular assets, texturing work and working on the detailing out the level from designer's block out using Max and game engine. Responsible for the looks of multiple level maps.

Lord Of The Ring: Created Props, Hires and Lowres models for the game

Golden Eyes: Responsible for blocking out and build out the map from beginning to the end. Built hires and lowres model for that levels.

2001-2004: Lucas Arts 

Gladius: Hires and Lowres modeling. Detailing out the level from the designer's block out.

Star Fighter 2: Built hires and lowres spaceship models for the game.

1999-2001: The Art Institute of Dallas

1994-1999: Thao Le's Studio in Vietnam

Create art for government and private companies. Created monuments, parks for local gov

1988-1994: Fine Art University in Hue city