Rage 2: General Cross

(Re do the provide concept and built hires model for final boss's body of the game)


Rage 2: BFG-9000 Re-Imagination

(Concepting the new look and built  the new BFG-9000 for Rage 2)


Personal Environment Exploration

(Come up a brand new look of Env using old assets)


Quake Champions: Gores System

(Created body goreassets for the game)


Quake Champions: Slip-Gate Mode Exploration

(Concept how the slip-gate mode look and played out)



Doom 2016 Props

(some of props I worked for Doom 2016)



Doom 2016: Mars Rocks Sets and Environment Exploration

(Explore how mar's rock will look and how to create reusable modular pieces -PreProduction)


"Hell On Earth" Modular Sets

(modular pieces for constructing the environment)



Destructive City Visualization

(in game Map for Doom 4 (canceled)


Hell On Earth Visualization

(Explore how hell "invading" Earth)


Doom 2016: Construction Map Visualization   

( Explore how the map will look after got block out from designer)


Hobby Toys Building   (these are robotic mechs resin cast models I, myself, designed and handbuilt. The link will take you to my toys facebook page)