First of all, I want thank you for checking out my webpages. If you are reading this, meaning you want to know who I am.  My name is Thao Le. I am currently living and working in Dallas Texas, United State of America. Before came to the US in 1997 for 3D and computer graphic degree, I  graduated from 6 years at Fine Art University in Vietnam. After gained Bachelor of  Fine Art, I worked at my own studio in my hometown doing commission works such as murals, paintings, sculpture fountains  for private companies as well as  large monuments for government.  My works have been published on many magazines, newspapers and televisions in vietnam as well as international. After being sponsored to America for 3D art degree, I studied at The Art Institute of Dallas.  In 2001, I graduated with honor and got the job at Lucas Arts. I worked there for 3 years for Stars War video games. In 2004 I moved to Los Angeles to join EA Games company and worked there for over 4 years in various video game tittles such as Medal of Honor series, Golden Eye, Battle for Middle Earth series. In 2008 I moved back to Dallas to work on Rage and Doom at IDsoftware. I have been with IDsoftware since .

My daily job is working in 3D, however, I am still very much in love with traditional art form. I am still painting and sculpting aside when I have free time. I am also working on a scale model robot mech toy line of my own.

To concluded about myself, I just want to say, I love art and always been with art all my life. I love all kind of art form from traditional oil painting, sculpting , modern art, computer generated art to hand built robot toys. As long as I have have a chance to create art, no matter what type, style or medium I will be a happy guy.

If you have any thought, please leave comments at the bottom of home page. Also, please don't forget to like and share my page if you like my work. Email is also available at contact page.

One again, Thank you !

Thao Le